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Ammie is a Gem Fusion hybrid between the full Gem Amethyst, and human Connie Maheswaran after she gained enough Gem DNA to fuse.

Physical Appearance

Ammie stood about as tall as Garnet, with long flowing hair down her back like Fulgurite or Diopside. This feature probably came from both sides, as both possessed long hair. Her body is similarly structured to Jasper, but slimmer. Her skin is dark in tint, more similar to Connie. Her outfit mirrored how Stevonnie looked for the first time: Amethyst's pants and boots with a crop top of Connie's shirt with a white flair underneath. She only possesses one gemstone on her chest. She has three eyes much like Garnet, but the middle eye is only half open.


Ammie is shown to be as sociable as she is smart, balancing out Amethyst's tomboyishness and Connie's knowledge. This could leave her to be a little bit absent-minded at times when she's focused on something else, as shown in her debut when she was examining Grootslang's Hat, and didn't pay much attention to Grootslang himself.

Shown in "Fusion Solution", Ammie is prone to explanations, talking subjects in details, sometimes more than she needs to.


Season 5

Ammie is formed during the fight with Grootslang, Acid and Cyanide. After fusing together. On fusing, she took Acid and cyanide, and used them like nunchucks against Grootslang. She activated the skull on the hat by accident, and curious, went on to examine it, too distracted to pay attention to Grootslang, and activated the hat again on the snake, defeating him. She bubbled the hat and checked in on Steven Universe, admitting that she was taken aback by the concept at all. She unfused before going back home.

Season 6

Ammie reappeared, showing herself to Garnet, Twilight Sparkle, Peridot, and Tiger's Eye in the Crystal Temple, when she heard news about Spinel. She became apart of Steven's fusion play date, and went with them to the Peruvian Plains. She took the time to explain in detail on what volleyball was to the Off-Colors on getting there before they played it. She remained fused throughout the episode, suggesting a stable fusion.