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Applejack is a farmer Earth Pony from Equestria's Sweet Apple Acres, and one of the Elements of Harmony, hers being Honesty. She currently works at her farm in Ponyville.

Physical Appearance

Applejack is a standard-sized Earth Pony. Her fur color is orange, and her hair the same color as hay: a pale yellow. both her mane and tail are tied in a ponytail with a red band. A signature feature for her is her cowgirl hat on her head. Her Cutie Mark is presented as three red apples.


Applejack, alongside Twilight sparkle, is the more mature member of the Mane Six, mainly a collected and open-minded individual, and someone more down-to-earth. She is shown to be able to lead her friends just as well as Twilight Sparkle, making her appear as second-in-command in that regard, and is a better suitable member to understanding others' circumstances, as she came from a very large family growing up, and having to take care of things herself alongside her brother and sister.

She shares a similar headstrong attitude to Rainbow Dash, and willing to go off into battle when the situation calls for it, but doesn't have as quick of a fuse or as trigger-happy as others, making her a pony of action on circumstance, not impulse. She does show a softer side on multiple occasions though, her most notable moment when she was talking to Blue Diamond about her own parents, and her sympathy towards blue over her feelings with Pink Diamond.