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Army is one of the members of the Ruby Squad.

Physical Appearance

Her skin color is more orange in hue than the other Rubies, and her gemstone is on her left shoulder. Her outfit is the general Homeworld design, with red shorts, and a top with a deep triangular collar, with black trims that meet to form a yellow diamond sign. She also has a unibrow.


She is the most rigid and militaristic Ruby out of the Rubies sent to Earth. She loves a good rough-house so much that her first reaction to stepping onto earth is beating up some sticks and plants with martial art moves.

As she loves fighting, she also has the shortest temper out of the others in her group, often the first one to start yelling and attacking when provoked, be it either by enemies or by her own teammates.


Season 4

She was sent down to Earth with her fellow Ruby Squad members in order to investigate the Tunguska Gem Facility. It was her who had opened up the entrence to the facility. When splitting up, she first went with Doc and Eyeball, and later on was in charge of Leggy and Ruby. She grew really upset at Ruby for being one of the Crystal Gems, but allowed her to return back home anyway.

My Little Universe: Anarchy

On a mission to the V System, she and her group were captured by Aredox. She was later on rescued by the Crystal Gems alongside her fellow rubies.

Season 6

She makes a brief appearance with her other rubies during a training session. As Jade was visiting, she got Eyeball to move, saying her hits were too slow. After the encounter, she and the squad here captured by White Diamond.