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The Autumn Country Drive is a yearly drag race held in Beach City.


The race itself is a straightforward one: it begins at the edge of Beach City, and the finish line is over at Bayburgh. Those spectating the race are put at the finish line. The race is also able to be observed through a Iphone, suggesting that it is broadcasted by some form of camera.

There isn't much rules said in tact for the race apart from standard racing requirements, not to mention age requirements by law to be able to participate.


Season 5

In order to get even with Kevin, Steven Universe and Connie Maheswaran join the race alongside Fulgurite. This race in particular was a disaster waiting to happen according to Garnet, who foresaw the Alien Pterosaur. During the race, the creature attacked the racers, destroying Kevin's Himitsu X-12 before Garnet drove it away and saved the racers. The winner at the end of it all was Fulgurite.