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Beach City is a human settlement located in Delmarva. It had become the main area where the Crystal Gems live, the town built right next to the Crystal Temple.


The city became apart of the combined involvement of Sombra, and Jasper. While most of the residents were unharmed, a clean-up was called afterwards to aid the Crystal Gems after Jasper's Gem Warship exploded just outside Beach City, much of the debris landing all over town, the decision called to by Bill Dewey.

After a false signal had been called out for the town, and after many of the residents evacuated, Acid and Cyanide proceed to flood the entire town, destroying over fifty percent of it, most of which ruined much of the residential homes, leaving most of the residents apart of a selected few homeless. The city was rebuilt by Off-Colors PT1 and the event will come to be known as the Beach City Flooding.

By the end of Season 6, White Diamond arrived in Beach City and the whole town was under fire from a mind-erasing Gem Object. Any and all Gem-related objects (with the exception of the Temple gate and monument itself), were completely removed from the site shortly afterward.


  • Crystal Temple - The main residential area for the Crystal Gems to live in.
  • Funland - an amusement park located in the northern area of the city, operated by Mr. Smiley
  • Boardwalk - an area where multiple eateries and attractions are placed at the southern end of the town. Some notable locations here include:
  • Miroslaw's Jewelers - a known jewelry store.
  • Lighthouse - The current HQ for Ronaldo Fryman's conspiracies, built on top of the Crystal Temple.