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The Beartrap Monster is a Corrupted Gem that appeared by the Maheswaran house in "The Talk".

Physical Appearance

The Beartrap Monster is fairly small, about five feet tall. Its body is round with four stubby legs and rounded feet. Its head is the largest part of its body, with huge jaws and teeth resembling a Steel Beartrap.


It showed by Connie Maheswaran's home, and she, Priyanka Maheswaran and Doug Maheswaran found it tearing up nearby cars, tossing one right at their door as it did so. It found them out, and tore off their door in order to get to them. Connie lured it outside, and made it charge their garage door, getting it stuck for a moment or two before it shook it off. It was about to get Connie when Steven Universe arrived and reflected the attack with his shield. It targeted Connie's parents again, but got caught by Stevonnie, getting poofed when Steven's shield cut its neck.


Enhanced Strength

While smaller than most other Corrupted Gems, the Beartrap Monster has enough strength to toss around cars, and tear a garage door clean off.