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The Beta Kindergarten is a lesser known Kindergarten that was created during the Gem War as a response to the rebelling Gems, creating Jaspers and Carnelians specifically, including Jasper herself. Peridot described the Beta as a "rush job", and many Gems made here weren't made properly, with Jasper being the only exception.


The location of the Beta Kindergarten is in some sort of desert, with red minerals, desert rocks and sandstone. The walls in the canyon are wavy and smoothed out. Like the Prime Kindergarten, the Beta has a number of holes and Gem Injectors, though since it was rushed, some were sideways, some thinner, some bigger, and overall, none of them really seemed to match.


Season 5

Cluster Arc

As apart of their monster hunt, Amethyst, Steven Universe, Connie Maheswaran, the Mane Six, and Peridot arrive into the Beta Kindergarten in order to find and obtain the Gem Tortoise and Tongue Monster. They manage to retrieve the Tongue Monster, and a few minerals for the Gem Drill.

Later on, Peridot and Pearl arrive in said drill, and drill in the sight as The Cluster was directly underneath the Beta. Much of the group hadf to wait there until the process was over, and the earthquakes made many of the holes break and cracks opening around the place.