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Budgerite is a hybrid between a Gem and a Sparrow, and is one of Grogar's closest subordinates alongside Bray. She is often seen with Bray.


Bidgerite is partners with Bray, but is the slightly smarter one of the two. She is still very loyal to Grogar, going against her own kind in order to do so, mostly out of both respect and fear of him.

She is also very chatty and slightly skittish, possibly due to her bird traits.


Season 8

Budgerite plays a supporting role throughout Season 8. Alongside helping Bray get the Harvested Gems out of Homeworld, she became Grogar's primary source of Gem information, which she has a decent extent of knowledge about. She was with Bray and Tempest Shadow when they drove Steven Universe away after his fight with Grogar.


  • Like Concrete, she doesn't appear in the actual series, but was one of the scrapped character concepts for the show.