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Canterlot is a high-ranking settlement located within Equestria, and current home to the princess Celestia and Luna. Much of the residents that live there are Unicorns, and/or ponies of higher-class.


Canterlot is a city and previous residence of Twilight Sparkle, where she studies under Princess Celestia. The city holds the royal castle, making it the capital of Equestria. It is also the venue of important cultural events like the Grand Galloping Gala, and Summer Sun Celebration.

Canterlot is built into the side of a tall mountain that overlooks Ponyville. Twilight Sparkle and Spike travel the distance between the two locations in a short amount of time, though it mainly takes hours worth of riding on a train to reach. The spires of Canterlot, protruding from the mountain, have been shown to be visible from Ponyville. The city features numerous ivory towers with golden spires and many waterfalls and rivers running through it.


While the city itself has little information on its founding, it can be implied that Celestia had moved to Canterlot after the first Nightmare Moon incident. The city became targets for both Chrysalis and the Changelings, and the red muskox Solitaire.

Twilight Sparkle used to live there throughout much of her life, and under teachings from Celestia herself until she left to live in Ponyville under Celestia's request. She moved back into her old tower by Season 7. Chrysalis did a full-scale attack on Canterlot, but was banished to the Badlands for her attempt.

Season 1

Thanks to Sombra's involvement, nightmare Moon was recreated and briefly attacked Canterlot before flying away to her old castle.

Season 6

Solitaire began tracking down Canterlot to finish what he had started, and the city had to be put under full-scale shield protection for the Summer Sun Celebration.