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This Fusion is the accidental result when Steven Universe, Connie Maheswaran were fusing, and Grogar forcefully got involved in it. They only make one appearance in "The Reef".


The Fusion vaguely resembles a Centaur, with the bottum half of a ram and the upper half of a Human. The human half of their body split in two similarly to that of the Rutile Twins. The back feet are purely hooves whereas the front feet resembled a human, though colored similarly to the hooves. Each head has one ear, one horn, and three eyes, the eyes described as appearing "incomplete" and varying in sizes though all of them were red.


When Steven and Connie were fusing into Stevonnie, Grogar jumped in and unwittingly fused with them to create the fusion. Upon realizing what exactly happened, the fusion went into hysteria, collapsing onto the ground and panicking. As they did this, their broken horn began to release red mist from it, and in doing so revealed to everyone around them a memory from Grogar's past, specifically how he lost Peshtihorn to a Dragon. After seeing this, the Fusion forcefully split itself up by the horns.

Presumably it's this that made Grogar lose his horns completely.


  • Memory Projection - while it's unclear which side of the fusion this ability came from, they're shown to be able to show memories through the form of illusionary red mist. It's also unknown if this is intentional or purely by accident.