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Connie Maheswaran is a very close friend to Steven and member of the Crystal Gems. While she was born as a Human being, she became a Gem Hybrid as confirmed in the Season 6 episode "The Results are In", due to her fusing with Steven (and then later Amethyst), and inheriting Gem DNA to the point of becoming half Gem herself.

Physical Appearance

Connie is a young girl, standing just over Steven's height. Much like her parents, she has brown skin and dark drown hair, with long puffy hair.

Her outfit varies time to time, but her more prominent one is a sky-blue t-shirt, pale-gray jean shorts, and peach tennis shoes.


Connie is shown as an intelligent, curious, and caring individual towards others, though at the beginning of the series, she has shown some sort of restraint in herself thanks to the treatment of her parents, and their protective nature of her. This has made her a bit paranoid over her parents and how they'll react to her involvement with the Crystal Gems for a good while, but overtime she had grown more open and bold. While level-headed in a number of situations, she is shown childish tendencies and more impulsive reactions herself, to the point of even running away from her parents for a while.

Her confidence grew while she was training under Pearl, but adopted the temporary ideology that she never mattered, and will resort to life-risking actions, regardless of how much danger she would pit herself in. While it seemed she had dropped the action, it does come back up in some situations and fights, notably when she fought one of White Diamond's "dogs" to save Steven.



First developing in The Results are In, Connie is shown to be able to naturally heal herself from injuries otherwise fatal to others, albeit subconsciously. This was shown when her arm got broken and was scheduled to be replaced by a prostatic, just for it to heal on its own (much to her shock), and shown again when White Diamond crushed her legs, just for them to heal hours later.


Connie is shown to be fairly talented in using a sword, thanks to her training with Pearl.