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The Corruption Light, also called the Diamond Attack, is a ability used by White Diamond, Yellow Diamond, and Blue Diamond that causes Gems to gain Corruption.


The ability is considered a catastrophic event, and final assault that ended the Gem War. The light is composed of blue, white, and yellow rays, the colors of the three current Diamonds. Those affected by the light immediately become corrupted.

Near the end of the Gem War, the Diamonds instructed their followers to leave Earth without question, and when the majority had left the planet, the Corruption light was used in order to make sure the colony was destroyed completely, in collaboration with The Cluster. While it was mainly used on the Crystal Gems, Homeworld Gems were also affected, whichever were left behind.

The only ones who weren't affected on Earth after the attack was Rose Quartz, Pearl, Garnet, Emerald, and Lapis Lazuli. It is unclear if this ability was used on Diopside, though it is a possibility.