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The Diamond Royal Court, or simply known as the Royal Court, is a group of aristocratic Gems that serve closest to The Diamond Authority. Their main goals are from the Diamonds themselves, and often the first to get their orders from their respected diamonds. Each Diamond has their own royal court.


White Diamond's Court

  • White Pearls - a set of several Pearls who follow every command given to them. They don't even have to be told directly, as they only need a snap of the fingers to perform their tasks.
  • Pearlis - Pearlis is a Gem Hybrid between a Pearl and Lapis Lazuli, and the one mostly in charge of the happenings on the White Diamond Space Station, noted as White's assisstant.
  • Onyx - the only non-hybrid apart of her court, and as Pearlis's main partner similar to Pearl and Amethyst. She was removed after seeing inside Chamber 77.
  • Pearl - one of the set of White Diamond's pearls, Pearl broke away from her and joined the Gem War alongside Rose Quartz.

Blue Diamond's Court

  • Blue Pearl - Blue Diamond's Pearl. She is a very quiet and humble member, and cares deeply for her Diamond.
  • Lapis Lazuli - A water Gem of the royal court in charge of terraforming and Blue Diamond's messenger, Lapis went missing during the Gem War, and while she is with the Crystal Gems, still has a spot in the royal court.
  • Sapphire - A rare Gem who can see into the future, she was forced to run away when Ruby accidentally fused with her the first time. Her place remained open for thousands of years, and like Lapis, is still a member despite being apart of the Crystal Gems.
  • Zircon - a notable law counselor of the Royal court, she had been working for the court for 4,000 years of royal service. she is placed to defend the Crystal Gems during The Trial.
  • Aquamarine - a high ranking official with her own Topaz. Aquamarine thinks very highly of herself, Blue Diamond seemingly lucky to have her.

Yellow Diamond's Court

  • Yellow Pearl - Yellow Diamond's closest Pearl. She is a more voicturous and high-thinking individual, very proud to belong to her diamond.

Pink Diamond's Court

  • Pink Pearl - Pink Diamond's Pearl. She was mentioned by Zircon during her talk with Flint. It is revealed that she was taken away by White Diamond.
  • Numerous Sapphires - a group of Sapphires mentioned by Zircon during her talk with Flint.