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Doc is a Ruby Gem, and leader of the Ruby Squad.

Physical Appearance

Doc's complexion is the same as the Crystal Gem Ruby's in color, but she wears a yellow transparent visor similar to Peridot's and a pair of red shorts, held on by a pair of black suspenders that have two halves of a yellow diamond on the edges. Her gemstone is located on her chest.


Doc is a natural leader, and is often the one giving the orders to the other members of her squad. Because of this, she is often credited for most of the squad's tasks by other Gems, and this makes her give herself more credit than really needed. An example of this is when she thought she managed to turn on the Tunguska Gem Facility's cameras when it really was Eyeball's doing. She isn't the smartest though, as she made the error of not including herself in counting the group when she noticed too many Rubies standing about.


Season 4

On a mission to the Tunguska Gem Facility, she and the others of her squad stopped by the Barn House, thinking it was the proper location. When this wasn't correct, she and the group (now including Ruby), went off on their ship to the facility. When they did finally find the facility proper, she split the group in two: Army and Eyeball going with her. They went and checked the surveillance, not finding anything out of the ordinary, before her squad caught up with the others. The whole group went to check a science chamber, and she confirmed that the disturbance was either a Gem experiment or a corrupted Peridot or Fulgurite. She went on to split the group again, this time having Army with Leggy and Ruby. She and the other rubies found the Nuckelavee Monster, and managed to complete their mission.

My Little Universe: Anarchy

She and her squad was on their way to the V System when they were captured by Aredox. She herself didn't have much involvement, and was rescued by the rest of the Gems.