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Dragons are a species of large, reptile-like creature most commonly found within Equus.


Dragons typically are considered the most dangerous race of creatures. Size between Dragons vary drastically, some individuals reaching almost Kaiju sizes, while others are smaller than an average Pony. All Dragons are signified by their scaly bodies, reptile-like appearances, horns or frills on their heads, and their extra set of limbs evolving into wings on their back. Outside of that, appearances between individuals are extremely varied, and no two Dragons are exactly alike, similar to Ponies.

While most Dragons are able to fly, some known individuals are incapable of flying, or aren't born with wings at all as is the case with Spike, and Scarlett. Many Dragons also have breath abilities, usually involving fire.

They are notorious with Gems, and consider them just as good food along with actual organic material such as meat.


While there are some exceptions to the rule, the overall view of Dragons as a culture is mainly being aggressive, rude, and ultimately selfish, not taking much time in Friendship as other races had and finding enjoyment in bullying other races into submission.

Despite this though, they will always follow whatever commands their superior, the Dragon Lord, has to say no matter what is asked, and no matter their own feelings about what commands are given. After a certain amount of time, the Dragon Lord is forced to step down from his position, and a competition in the Dragon Lands is called out, known as the Gauntlet of Fire, to decide who will be the next Dragon Lord.

A notable exception though is the colony of Dragons that live within Fillydelphia, though they are usually looked down on by the Ponies as lower-class citizens, and are often blamed for problems caused within the city.