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The Earth is a planet that Humans originated from, and one of the two prime settings of the My Little Universe franchise. It is also the planet where the signature Gem War took place on approximately 6,000-5,000 years ago, which resulted in a drastic change in the planet until it was stopped by the Crystal Gems.


The layout of the Planet Earth is drastically different when compared to the real-world version of the planet for a number of reasons. It is unclear as to how this had occurred, or why the planet was this way, though it is hinted that the involvement of Gems had altered the planet in some way.

  • According to the Ruby Squad in "The Deep Six" there was a land-based Gem Facility located within Russia, but after thousands of years was found underwater within the inland sea. This indicates that the inland sea happened in less than 5,000 years.
  • A chunk of Africa has moved west and collided with South America, which moved slightly south away from Central America.
  • Numerous new islands are visible that didn't exist in the real world, including an island chain between Africa and South America, along with a few islands off to the north bordering the arctic ocean and the Russian inland sea.
  • Australia became split in two, and India separated into the Indian ocean.

Environmental Differences

  • The Ice Age apparently lasted longer in this version of Earth. According to Pearl and Bismuth, they've came across mammoths during the Ice Age winter before, which would normally be impossible as the last Ice Age ended 11,700 years ago, and Bismuth and Pearl had been on Earth for at least 6,000 years.

Notable Locations