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Equestria is the prime continent of Equus, and one of the main settings for the My Little Universe franchise.


Out of many of the areas shown in the series, Equestria is the largest continent to be explored. It is home to numerous amounts of sentiant and non-sentiant creatures, most of the population inhabited and primarily ruled by Ponies. The structure of Equestria reaches across the globe, though doesn't connect to the south pole. It is west of two smaller continents, and is connected to what the Ponies called "The Undiscovered West".

Climate on Equestria is really varied; the very top of Equestria is established in the "Icy North", otherwise known as the Frozen North. Further south one would go from there, the climate changes drastically from open plains, to vast forests, and at the very southern part is dry deserts, possibly from the mountain range from both the south and north blocking off rainfall. Same thing could be said for the Badlands: a block of dryland south of Canterlot.


Equestria was first established, according to the Hearth's Warming play, when a Windigo everstorm threatened to drive pony kind to extinction, and all three tribes found the land at the exact same time. After befriending each other, Equestria is first established, a land together by friendship and peace. The sun and moon during this time was able to be moved by Unicorns, though it's not said on how strong a unicorn had to be.

Prior to Discord's takeover, Gems had located Equestria, and attempted to colonize it, but quickly gave up on it as, according to Bismuth, they were "too weirded out by the place".

This was not the only hardship Equestria had to face, as numerous other foes will come to Equestria to take over the land. Tirek, Sombra, Discord and so on saw it as a target and sought out to take over. Out of many of the foes, it was Discord who ruled the longest, creating a timespan of chaos and disharmony throughout the land thanks to his chaotic magic. He was defeated by Celestia and Luna, but Equestria was left in shambles, the sun and moon unable to even move properly unless moved by Alicorn magic.

Celestia and Luna became rulers of Equestria after this, and through their involvement, Equestria grew into the land currently known of as of now.