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The Equestria Games is the biggest sporting event to take place in Equestria.


The games themselves take place in varying areas of Equestria, decided by an inspector on where the games would be held in. This decision is made months in advance in order for there to be enough time to set up for said event. The rules for the games presented and adressed include the tryouts required for a team to be qualified for the games, and that one team from their represented towns are to only compete in one event.

The challenges presented include: Iron horseshoe toss, tag-team raceing, four-hoof long jumps, hundred meter gallop, and ariel relay.


Season 1

The Equestria Games were first mentioned by Rainbow Dash, as she and her team April Showers, and Sunshower Raindrops, were at Rainbow Falls to qualify for the games.

The games themselves took place in Equestrian Games. The teams presented and named for the games were Manehattan, Cloudsdale, Appleloosa, Ponyville, Griffonstone, and Transylmaneia.

  • The Iron Horseshoe toss was won by Ponyville, mainly because of "a Pegasus with muscle to rival five oxen", giving Ponyville a total of 74 over Appleloosa's 67, the Pegasus earning 32 points single handedly.
  • The Tag-Team race was won by Appleloosa by a mile, since the earth ponies representing were more used to galloping, and were much stronger than Cloudsdale and Transylmaneia, who came a close second.
  • The 4-Hoof long jump was won by Manehatten, them winning two points over Ponyville and Appleloosa.
  • The hundred meter gallop was tied by Appleloosa and Cloudsdale, and was put in a tie-breaker race with Cloudsdale winning by a hair.
  • The Ariel Relay race was won by the Wonderbolts, Rainbow Dash being distracted and distraught over the events prior to the actual games.