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The Era 3 Festival is a grand celebration taking place up on Homeworld to start the brand new third Era for Gem kind. It is the main event taking place throughout Season 8's "Era 3 Festival" arc. The event itself lasts for a few days, the intro to the event mirroring that of a standard Royal Ball on Homeworld.


The festival was first started thanks to Steven Universe and Pink Diamond, who agreed that a big celebration should be done for White Diamond's reformation, alongside the return of Pink Diamond and a new Diamond in form of Steven Universe.

The main theme within the Era 3 Festival revolve around numerous aspects, including celebrating everyone at their best, alongside equality, creativity, and the freedom to be themselves. Fusions are allowed to freely show during the event as well, shown with presence of Garnet and Spinel with little ridicule. Despite the celebration themes, the festival is still limited by Homeworld rules, as requested by the Diamonds themselves prior to the set up.


Many of the activities set up for the Era 3 Festival mirror that of Equestria customs, as the Harmony Gems were familiar with Equestria festivals, and they had Ponies set things up as well:

  • Royal Ball - A common event happening on Homeworld for aristocratic Gems. It was added in to leave something comfortable and familiar, though other Gems can attend this as well.
  • Shooting Gallery - a open-ranged activity with numerous distant targets set up. BB guns are in supply for anyone who wants to try, though customary projectile weapons are also allowed to be used.
  • Volleyball - set up in the training areas for Quartz soldiers. Each game is put in teams of two per game.
  • Fashion Show - A fashion display mirroring that of Equus fashion shows. Rarity modeled it after the Spring Fashion line-up, and was specifically added in by Yellow Pearl.
  • Spaceship Derby - presumably a race between spaceships. One of the "activities" allowed on Homeworld, but away from the settlements themselves as to avoid crashing into buildings.
  • Art Gallery - A friendly contest showing off artistry and creativity. An art contest is also held as part of it.