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The Galactic Ray is a Crystal Gem spaceship built in order to bring the Crystal Gems and Mane Six to Homeworld.


The Galactic Ray has the physical body described similar to an Earth Manta Ray that gives it its namesake: smoothed out wings and a main rounded body with an aerodynamic shape. It is exceptionally large, holding various rooms within it, including a zero-gravity chamber, a control cockpit, and numerous bedrooms. There's enough metal within the Galactic Ray to be used for the Gem Drill, and still remain fully functional.

While built in a similar manor to a Earth rocketship, it is capable of flapping its wings in order to get off the ground, accompanied by the ship thrusters, and can retract its wings for full turbulence. As of Season 4, it is also been given a camouflage cloak attachment, abling it to disguise its physical body to mirror a Roaming Eye.


Season 2

Preparation Arc

The Galactic Ray first is presented on some blueprints when Garnet made her announcement for their departure to Homeworld, seemingly drawn out by her and Discord. Work began on the ship in the episode "Fusion Confusion", and by "Dragon Scale", one of the wings of the Galactic Ray were built, thrusters attached to said wings. The ship's exterior was completed by "Grounded to Earth", and the interior and main controls were built in by "Preparation".

Homeworld Arrival Arc

The Galactic Ray was fully functional, and was used to fly through space towards Homeworld. It had to stop to refuel half way through, and upon arrival, it was parked within Blue Diamond City's docking station. It is used to fly back home, presumably making a stop on the way as well.

Season 4

The Galactic Ray was used when the group had to fly to the White Diamond Space Station. It was given an attachment so It could disguise itself in a camouflage in order to slip in undetected. It remained within the docking station until after the mission was complete.

Season 5

The Galactic Ray's spare metal was used to create the Gem Drill, and the ship itself was used to go to the Earth Moon Base, as there was no Warp Pad that was built on the Moon Base, and as such inaccessible by such.