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The Galaxy Warp is a Warp Pad hub located on Earth to connect to multiple areas on both Earth and intergalactic planets owned by the Gems. Many of them are currently inactive. It was where Lapis's Mirror was located by Pearl sometime after the Gem War.


The Galaxy Warp is the former central hub on Earth for interstellar transport through the galaxy used by Gems, replacing the Colony type ships. The system consists of numerous Warp Pads of varying sizes that have been inactive for thousands of years. The Galaxy Warp is located atop a large plateau, surrounded by an ocean/large lake and numerous smaller islands.

Six massive crystalline rock formations surround the perimeter of the summit, which houses sixteen individual Warp Pads arranged in a crop circle-like pattern. The central pad directly links Earth with the Gem Homeworld.

As of Peridot's New Groove, the main Warp Pad leading back to Homeworld had been completely removed by Sombra.