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Garble is a teenaged Dragon from Equestria that makes his debut appearance in S07Ep12: Dragon Lord to try for the spot as Dragon Lord. He and spike met prior to the series as well.


Garble is a tall teenage dragon with dull red scales, yellow underbelly, pinkish freckles, and yellow spikes which end in a webbed crest on his head similar to those on the helmets of Princess Luna's royal guards. His eyes are yellow with purple pupils, and he has yellow, slightly torn wings.


Garble is portrayed as rude, arrogant, and brutish. He harbors a deep resentment and superiority complex toward ponies, and he frequently belittles and threatens Spike due to his relationship with ponies as well as his young age. He is also considerably malicious in some of his actions and thoughts, very quick to fight Amethyst after one insult, and wishing to burn Equestria to the ground. Despite this, he is also somewhat dimwitted, easily outsmarted by Spike and his friends.


Prior to the series, Spike met with Garble and some other Dragons, and tried to prove himself to actually be a dragon to them. Not much details were said on what they did, but it is said that they "didn't make [it] easy for him".

Season 7

In "Dragon Lord, Garble appears in the Gauntlet of Fire as a minor antagonist, still harboring a low opinion of both Spike and ponies in general. He is summoned to the Dragon Lands by the call of the Dragon Lord to take part in the Gauntlet of Fire, the winner of which will be crowned the new Dragon Lord. Garble wishes to be the Dragon Lord so he can get revenge on the ponies who crossed him, intending to lead the dragons in looting and burning down Equestria. Throughout the Gauntlet, Garble mocks Spike for his small stature and pony-like characteristics. However, he under-performs at multiple times during the competition. In the final dash for the Bloodstone Scepter that decides the winner, Garble faces both Spike and his friends. When the scepter is stolen however, he loses and is forced to flee, forcing other Dragons away so he could leave. When Ember is appointed being Dragon Lord, Garble retaliates and says she didn't get the scepter, but was unsuccessful again. He was the only one who didn't cheer for Ember.

Garble appears again in "Tale-Wind", as a Dragon Lands competitor for the Netitus in the Inter-Species Race, planning to use the Netitus prize as a new lava board. Before the race began, he mocks both Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust, but he is silenced with Lightning reminding him about Flash Magnus. In the race, he is the first to be taken out by the first obstacle, leaving him tangled in twisting brambles much to his dismay.