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The Gem Drill is a sunterranian drill built by the Crystal Gems in order for them to dig into the Earth to stop The Cluster.


The Gem Drill's overall design is fairly straightforward: a small round hatch attached to a large rotating drill piece, the whole structure itself operated from within the small hatch with controls similar to a Robonoid system. The body is seemingly made of Tungsten, and spare metal used from the Galactic Ray.

The body itself is supported by three metallic legs, which if the drill is facing upward, can carry the body of the drill around with little strain. The Drill is run on Injector power cells.


Season 5

Cluster Arc

The Gem Drill began taking production soon after Peridot explained the situation to the team.

The exact basis was already modeled by the episode Band Night, and by Creature Quest, the model was practically complete and the main construct was in proper shape. Functioning on controls were started by that point, and power cells from Injectors were brought in for power use. However, thanks to Pearl releasing Watermelon Tourmaline, the Gem Drill got hit and suffered a malfunction, getting wrecked, and having to be rebuilt. The Gem Drill got fully rebuilt and functional by The Old Warrior. The Gem Drill was used by Pearl and Peridot in the Beta Kindergarten, managing to reach the Cluster itself, but ended up deactivating and breaking in its attempt. The only thing remaining after the fact was the control pod.