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The Gem War, also known as The Rebellion, is a war that occurred between the Homeworld Gems, and a group of rebels who'll be known as the Crystal Gems approximately 6,000 to 5,000 years prior to the beginning of My Little Universe.


The Gem War was started about six thousand years ago, when White Diamond isolated the current ruler of Earth, Pink Diamond and had her shattered, believing her to be flawed. The reason she wasn't targeted was those that witnessed it were altered in memory so they would either keep quiet about it as Pearl, or were brainwashed into believing Rose Quartz did it, like with Lapis Lazuli and Eyeball.

This information eventually reached The Diamond Authority thanks to Lapis, though she told them she was missing rather than dead. This got Blue Diamond and her court to come in and investigate the rebels responsible, as such getting assaulted by Rose Quartz and Pearl. This made Homeworld more aware of the Rebellion, and got Ruby and Sapphire to rebel and run away from Blue diamond, much to her dismay. The attack officially began the true war itself. It was this that first inspired White diamond to begin her Gem Hybrids project.

For the years to follow, the Crystal Gems continued to gain allies to fight against Homeworld, one of which included Bismuth, who became the blacksmith for the Crystal Gems. For Homeworld, production on the Kindergartens started to become rushed in order to create more soldiers, which spawned the Beta Kindergarten, and birthed Jasper. It was during Bismuth's time in the war that she managed to convince Fulgurite to rebel, and when Lapis came back to Earth, she got attacked by her and became trapped in her mirror. It's unclear exactly how Bismuth got trapped in her bubble, however.

Apparently hundreds of Gems had lost their lives during the war, and it finally came to an end when White Diamond called Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond to use the Corruption Light, and as such causing Corruption to any and all Gems that remained on Earth, regardless of who exactly was on what side. This event happened on the Strawberry Battlefield, and while it was initially a Homeworld evacuation, the Crystal Gems considered this as their victory for the longest time, the only known survivors on Earth being Rose Quartz, Pearl, Garnet, and Emerald. It is unclear how they avoided being corrupted.



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