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The Harmony Gems are the combined group consisting of both the Crystal Gems of Earth and the Mane Six of Equestria. The name was to replace the "Crystal Gem" name since the end of Season 7, the name changing to its current state due in part to the discovery of Pink Diamond, and represents both the Crystal Gems and the Elements of Harmony.


Crystal Gems

The Crystal Gems were the original group in charge of protecting Earth and Equestria from danger throughout much of the My Little Universe franchise. Currently, the Crystal Gems had dropped the name in favor of the Harmony Gems.

Mane Six

The Mane Six are the holders of the Elements of Harmony, and main protectors of Equestria. Each member (mostly) represents an element of Harmony.


  • Sniper is the first character in the franchise to mention the group by name, hearing about them before arriving to Earth and how they swore to protect one another.