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Humans are a species of sentiant, organic creature from the planet Earth, and a species shown extensively throughout the My Little Universe franchise, alongside Gems of Homeworld, and Ponies of Equus. They're the main inspiration for Rose Quartz to keep the planet safe as well.

Physical Anatomy

Human beings are two-legged, omnivorous creatures that walk in an upright stance, and think in a self-aware state. Humans grow between five to six feet tall, and the exact anatomy varies between individual. Often human vary in colors, usually from pale tan to dark brown, and often it varies depending on where the human lives, and their heritage. Humans hold a resemblence to Gems, but are organic in nature instead of inorganic.

Humans have two main types: male, and female, with physical differences between the two and as their appearances vary between individuals, so do behavior, as each individual is different from eachother. Often this is from the older generation or outside influences and experiences.


Much like the Ponies of Equus, Humans are very varied in culture, even more so than the race mentioned. some individuals follow a hierarchy system, some would follow a religious agenda, while some don't follow any exact system at all. The exact cultural beliefs depend on what human is encountered, and this amount of individuality, as believed by White Diamond can drive humans to act impulsive, and become "the crowning role of hatred in their world".



Zooman are a species of "domesticated" human that were brought from Earth to the Human Zoo.