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Gem Hybrids are a type of new Gem subspecies meant to be the answer to Gem fusion, most created by White Diamond and such are mostly belonging to her court. These hybrids are created in order to replace the singular species of common Gem, and as the solution to multiple uses and purposes made out of one individual.

Many of the Gem anatomy match a standard Gem species, with the exception of multitude of abilites more known from Gem fusions, be it from Gem weaponry to the roles a Gem hybrid plays.

Gem Types


A Pearlis is a hybrid between a Pearl and a Lapis Lazuli. According to her behavior and control over many of the soldiers, a Pearlis seemingly has a high-ranking role, though still just under her ruler.


A Jasmith is the Quartz Soldier of the Hybrids, a mixture of Jasper and Bismuth. White Diamond described them as being stronger, smarter, and more loyal than a typical Quartz gem.


Carnethysts are the "Police Officers", and hybrids of Carnelians and Amethysts. While smaller than a Jasmith, and medium in build, they're capable of emitting a bright light from their Gemstones like a flashlight. Seemingly all Carnethysts have their Gemstones on their foreheads for this purpose.


A hybrid of Zircon and Flint. As described by White Diamond, an Azlet has the open mind of a Zircon and determination of a Flint soldier.

Ruby Soldiers

These Gems appear alongside Onyx to retrieve Sapphire. These hybrids are believed to be part Ruby, and seemingly play a similar role to Rubies. It's unclear as to what other Gems these soldiers are hybridized with, however.