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Kirin are a eastern sunspecies of Pony found outside of Equestria.

Physical Anatomy

Kirin are typically standard size when compared to other Ponies, though do hold unique differences to one another. All Kirin are cloven hooved, much like deer, and all Kirin possess a horn on top of their foreheads that branch off, similar to a tree branch. Kirin, like other species, are known to possess Cutie Marks, and are just as varied as other races are.

Kirin's body structure is a mixture of fur and scales: having scales run along their undersides, and a long lizard like tail ending in a tuff of horse fur. Kirin resemble the more traditional form of Unicorns.


Kirin follow a culture which mirrors that of traditional japanese cultures. They've developed their own language and writing described as "Neipponese", which can be mirrored in japanese, and much of their legends and behaviors can be mirrored as such.