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Leggy is one of the rubies amongst the Ruby Squad. She is also the youngest member of the group.

Physical Appearance

Her outfit is a maroon top with Yellow Diamond insignia, with brown shorts and maroon boots with her gemstone on her left thigh. Her complexion is the darkest of the Ruby troop, being more of a burgundy color.


She seems to be the most disoriented and confused, never knowing quite what to do. She is also the most fearful, frequently hiding behind other things. Despite her fear, she is also the most curious, and can completely forget her mission or whatever she was doing if distracted by something else.


Season 4

Leggy was with the rest of the Ruby Squad on their mission to the Tunguska Gem Facility. On their arrival to the site, Leggy went with Navy and Ruby the first time, though during it she kept lagging behind. During the exploration, she came across a strange glowing creature, which she chased off to another area of the facility, Navy and Ruby chasing after her the whole way, bringing them all into a trap. She was about to get beaten by Army for this, but she was saved by Ruby and their mission continued on. She and Ruby were then split with Army to check the storage room where they found the Nuckelavee Monster. She in particular was nearly killed by the monster when Ruby saved her.

My Little Universe: Anarchy

She and the squad were going to the V System when they were captured by Aredox. she did little involvement throughout the special herself, and was rescued by the other Gems.

Season 7

After escaping the White Diamond Space Station, she and the rest of the squad ended up stranded on the Jungle Moon. She stayed with the others, more curious and fascinated with the planet than scared, until they reached the Jungle Moon Base. She stayed close to Stevonnie throughout this stay, scared of the storm that followed as she didn't understand it at all. She did find it beautiful after the storm however. Once the storm cleared, she found one of the local aliens, which she proceeded to chase outside alongside Pinkie Pie, getting the attention of the Tyrannosaur Aliens, and making her and Pinkie run straight back. She was rescued when Homeworld recovered them all.