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Mina is a young Dragon that lives in Fillydelphia, in particularly within Dragon Town, appearing within Season 7.


Mina is a smaller Dragon in comparison to other species, standing just as tall as an average Pony. She has blue scales along her chest and stomach, blue horns, small wings, a heart-shaped scale at the end of her tail, and pink hair.


Mina is a kind-hearted, and cheery individual amongst the Dragons in Fillydelphia, and more willing to treat other races with respect outside of her own kind, openly welcoming Rainbow Dash into her comic store without hesitation and even offering to sign her up for future releases of Daring Do comics.

Although cheery, she does have a fair level-headed view, and is open-spoken and willing to speak her mind if she feels the need to. The best example of this trait is when she pointed out Rainbow Dash's narrow view on Dragons, and reminded them that Ponies can be just as bad as any Dragon.


Mina first appears when Rainbow Dash and Spike first arrive on Dragon Town, venturing into her comic shop to try and get some answers about the fires in Fillydelphia. She got Rainbow Dash signed up for the Daring Do comics, and gleefully chatted with Spike for a bit. When the issue was brought up, she quickly made it clear that not all Dragons are jerks, and that a number of Ponies can be just as bad, if not worse.

Later on, Spike found her with the other Dragons in Dragon Town under curfew by the local police force. Despite being under curfew, she did help her friends in rescuing the ponies out of the burning buildings when the fires started up again, earning good will back to Dragon Town.