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My Little Universe: Anarchy is the secondary special made for the My Little Universe franchise. The special mainly is inspired by the 1978 film "Watership Down", in particular the second half of the movie.


Worlds always seem to have their own schedule. Earth with humans, Homeworld with Gems, Equestria with Ponies, and many others. And sometimes, one's schedule can end up in affect to another. The Crystal Gems and Mane Six had been all over the place, but now it's time to go beyond their turf, and through the stars.

In Equestria, It was a simple night for The Ponies on a clear night of shooting stars. A relaxing time, and wishing on stars in the night sky. That is, until one of these stars smashed down in front of them, and next thing you know, they have an extraterrestrial experimental escapee on their hooves! What started as a quiet night in Ponyville quickly turned to the start of their next big adventure through the stars, especially after a report of some familiar say that their group has been taken captive!

It's time to pack up, and head off, time to see the Holy Blue of Gem-controlled planets. Either save their friends from Holly Blue or bust!

This special takes place during the winter time gap between seasons 4 and 5, confirmed during the conversation they had just prior to leaving to Aredox.



  • The planet of Aredox is the first planet presented in the franchise run by Gems, but not in control of The Diamond Authority.