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My Little Universe: Mindwarp is the first special made for the My Little Universe franchise. Much of this special was inspired by both the 2010 movie "Inception", and Gemception: a SU crossover fan comic about the same movie.


We all have dreams. That sate of mind where logic and reality are thrown out the window for your subconscious, and even your true conscious to run wild and run free. For young Steven Universe, this concept was no different; an average half-Gem with a good heart.

A young child's mind can go many places, but how far can a child's mind wander before it gets lost?

When the Gems discover Steven wasn't waking up, the situation becomes far more dangerous than anybody could imagine. With Princess Luna for help, the Gems must go in after him. Can the Gems rescue their Steven before it's too late, or will they all be forever trapped in the nightmarish realm of Limbo?

Chronologically, The special takes place after the start of Season 2, namely after Fusion Confusion, as Peridot didn't have her Limb Enhancers throughout the special, with the exception of her time in the Dreamscape.

Much of the special takes place in the Dreamscape, namely the world where every creature can enter when falling asleep. The special follows two main points of view: Steven Universe exploring Rose Quartz's past through numerous flashbacks, and the Crystal Gems trying to find him and get him back while trying to survive Lucid's puzzles.



Much of the sequences are references to Canon episodes and speculations: