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Season 1 is the First issue of My Little Universe, with a total of twenty two episodes, with one being a Halloween special "Nightmare on Gem Street". The season ran from September 25th of 2015 - January 1st of 2016.


The ponies within Ponyville had enough trouble with the horrid onslaught of vines infecting, and spreading all over the place. What if, thanks to some off-screen shenanigans by a particular Draconequus, the vines didn't just spread to Ponyville, but also to the grand fountain of Rose Quartz! And what a time for that: the grand gems themselves need it the most. Just how much trouble will both worlds end up in, especially when one world is connected to another thanks to a force beyond them both? Will there be friends, foes, or both? Let's see where this ride will go. Many songs, adventure, and silliness to come!

Ponies and Gems unite!

The season starts off during the events of "Princess Twilight Sparkle PT2" (MLP Season 4 episode 2), and "An Indirect Kiss" (SU Season 1A episode 24). Much of the series follows the events of both Steven Universe S1-B and My Little Pony S4. Two subplots play out during this season:

The first season spans out over the course of one summer (three months).

Episode Guide

  • Princess with an Indirect Kiss
  • Welcome to Beach City
  • Mirror-Mania
  • Daring Do, and the Aqua Gem
  • Geode Guest
  • Just Joking
  • Rainbow Tryouts
  • Nightmare on Gem Street (Halloween Special)
  • Hook, Line, and Sinker
  • I'll be Dog-Gone!
  • Logical Care
  • Party for Two
  • Puppy Love
  • The Warp Zone
  • Defective Pearl
  • The Runaway
  • Slice of Maud Pie
  • Sombra del Diablo
  • Corrupted Rose
  • Equestrian Games
  • Peridot's New Groove
  • Kings and Queens PT1
  • Kings and Queens PT2