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Season 2 is the second issue of My Little Universe, with twenty two episodes. This season ran from January 8, 2016 - May 5, 2016. This season took a hiatus from March 11, 2016 - April 12, 2016, the reason being for the production of My Little Universe: Mindwarp.


Well, the troubles had past; Tirek had been defeated, Nightmare Moon had vanished, Sombra imprisoned, and both Earth and Equestria are safe once again. Time to kick back, and relax ...


Summer had been full of surprises, yes, but that's just the beginning! Twilight, Steven and all of their friends had been going up and down with all sorts of adventures, and even with summer passing, it's only going to go even more, especially with more gems involved on Earth and Equus, no less!

Time to go beyond the stars!

This season starts shortly after Season One did, and most of it isn't influenced from either series, mostly original work and story. This season is split up into two separate arcs, split up between the hiatus taken in between the season's run:

Preparation Arc

The first arc revolves around the preparation and construction of the Galactic Ray, and the Gems and Mane six readying up for their big trip to Homeworld. This arc spanned from New Light to Preparation.

  • A small subplot revolves around Jasper's adaptation to her situation just prior to the development to the Galactic Ray, which also includes her fusion with Garnet.

Homeworld Arc

The Homeworld arc takes place just after the initial completion of the Galactic Ray, and mostly focuses on Homeworld, as the Crystal Gems and Mane Six arrive there. This arc lasts throughout the rest of the season.

The season spans over the course just after Season 1; Arc 1 going through much of autumn, and Arc 2 throughout winter.

Episode Guide

  • Time for Something New
  • Diopside
  • Kindergarteners
  • Three, Two, Boo!

Preparation Arc

  • New Light
  • Fusion Confusion
  • Twinkle Little Star Quartz
  • Dragon Scale
  • With My Heart and Soul, I'll Protect
  • Grounded to Earth
  • Snowbound
  • Sardonyx, Welcome to the Show!
  • Preparation

Homeworld Arc

  • Beyond the Stars
  • Homeworld Bound
  • Crystal Clear
  • Guardian Code
  • Journey of the Two Sisters
  • Renegade Gem
  • Before the Storm
  • The Pony, the Gem, and Osicone PT1
  • The Pony, the Gem, and Osicone PT2