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Season 6 is the sixth issue of the My Little Universe franchise, with twenty two episodes. It ran from November 17, 2017 - February 22, 2018.


Well everypony, time for the Crystal Gems and Mane Six's reprise. The Cluster, Malachite, the trio of problematic serpents, my goodness did they had plenty to deal with but with all that passed, and Lapis and Jasper returning once more, it's time for them to kick back and relax. ...

Yeah, as if.

Months had passed since these events, and winter's nearing its latest years before spring. With so many problems handled the year prior, you'd think they would be given a break but boy you were wrong. One visit to their Homeworld revealed another group of Gems known as the Off-Colors, a group of strange, yet intriguing Gems made up of defects, fusions, and some interesting information on the Crystal Gem war. ...

Now they got two new tasks: finding a home for Off-colors, and to find the real answer to a century's old mystery. Relationships will be tested, rivals will return, all with a looming diamond shatterer elusive to their midst. Onward everypony!

The season begins in late winter. Unlike the other seasons, the finale has a three-part sequence instead of a two-parter. Much of this season revolved around the mystery behind Pink Diamond's shattering, much of the Crystal Gems and Mane Six trying to figure out who the true culprit is, or if Rose Quartz had shattered her at all.

Episode Guide

  • Off-Colors PT1
  • Off-Colors PT2
  • Pearl's Day Out
  • What Counts
  • The Rose Tree
  • To Give, or Not to Give
  • Waving the Red Cape
  • Holly Jolly Harmony (Christmas Special)
  • Dream a Dream
  • Wild Timber
  • Fusion Solution
  • Renegade Gem Vol.2
  • The Results Are In
  • A Hoof in the Right Direction
  • An Apple A Day
  • Gone Carin'
  • Mind No Compute
  • The Sound of Silence
  • Butterfly Wings
  • "I'm A Friend" PT1
  • "I'm A Friend" PT2
  • "I'm A Friend" PT3


  • The shortest chapter in this season is "Pearl's Day Out" at 4,297. The longest one is ""I'm A Friend" PT2" at 15,530.
  • This is the first season to end on a cliffhanger.