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My Little Universe: Supernova is the third special of the My Little Universe franchise, and considered the MLU "movie" by the author. Unlike the other specials, which are written within a season's run, this one's written and produced in between seasons as a major chronological story.


Five Years.

More than plenty of time since the connection had been made between one world of Human Beings, and another of colored-Ponies. And four years as well, since the worlds had re-connected with the world of Gemkind. All three of these worlds, in their own way, had evolved and changed in their own subtle ways, from personal lives being mended, to world-changing victories. But it was little compared to what was to happen.

The Everstorm: a spontaneous build of magical energy, gathered from multiple worlds and realms, now gathered at its peak in the wake of Earth AND Equus, all magic being removed completely. Gems all dormant, spells useless, and threats once tolerable and manageable now out of control. With magic reserves all but gone, it's a game of survival for all in the shadows of the Everstorm's passing. It's a battle with all of nature, and Mother Nature knows no mercy. Will it be possible to survive all the challenges ahead? What threats will rise in this opportunity against those who once overpowered them? And who'll remain at the end of the changing world?

It's do or die.

As revealed in the written synopsis, this special takes place on the fifth year time mark of the series, on the fifth "birth-iversary" for both Stevonnie and Lapis Lazuli. The special itself, while not specifically determined, lasts over a week following the "fallout" phase of the Everstorm. The story is structured in two main plots: one chapter focusing on Equus and surviving the world without magic, and the other focusing on Earth and Beach City dealing with the Dazzlings.


Fallout (Equus)

Fallout (Earth)


  • Much of the seasons prior to this, according to the author, was setting up for this special to take place, as this special not only explains many of the Mystical Creatures of Earth, but also the build up to the Everstorm appearing.
  • This special is the longest one in the series, the total word count adding up to 68,457 - almost as long as My Little Universe: Season 3.
  • This is the first entry in the series where a major character is killed on-screen (this case being Celestia), and the only one being given the "death" warning on FimFiction.