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My Little Universe II is the ninth and final season of the My Little Universe franchise.


The Elements of Harmony and the Crystal Gems had come a very long way. Earth: a colony planet for a renegade Diamond, now in watch and care by a 16 year old Human boy and his team of Polymorphic Sentient Rocks. And Equus: a planet right from a storybook in charge by the Princess of the Sun, now in watch by her most faithful student along with her closest friends of all three Races. A princess of Friendship, and a Prodigy of Care.

They've done so much to get to this point, and they're so close to being finished. Corruption still needs to be healed, old quarrels still need to be mended, and still looming is an army that is bent on ruining everything they've built up to this point. Can they make it to that Happily Ever After?

The plot in My Little Universe II mostly takes place throughout the following winter after the events in My Little Universe: Season 8. Much of the season revolves around several different sub-plots, including the continued conflict between the Harmony Gems and Grogar's Army.

  • A major sub-plot throughout the series involves the introduction of Spinel, and the rejuvenation of most of the Harmony Gems, making them forget who they were. This conflict lasts from "Friends and Enemies" to "Here Comes a Thought", lasting through most of the season.
    • In similar regard, a side-plot has the remaining Harmony Gems searching for some of the Rejuvenated Gems after they left on Hessonite's involvement.
  • A smaller side-plot has Discord and White Diamond losing their powers as punishment by the Spirit Council.

Episode Guide

  • A Universe Away
  • Friends and Enemies
  • Rebooting System ...
  • Overruled!
  • Don't You Believe It?
  • Tricky Game
  • Whoever Dares Wins
  • Snowfall Stars PT1
  • Snowfall Stars PT2
  • Rose Bud
  • Late Bloomer
  • Tongue-Tied
  • With my Tanks
  • The Reef
  • Battering Ram
  • Child's Play
  • There Goes a Thought
  • Gathering Thoughts
  • Just One Day
  • Peaks of Peril
  • Bull-Headed
  • Here Comes a Thought
  • Once Upon an End
  • I Have Spoken
  • True Kind of Love PT1
  • True Kind of Love PT2
  • True Kind of Love PT3


  • The longest chapter in this season (and the whole franchise) is "Friends and Enemies" with 28,675. The shortest in the season is "True Kind of Love PT2" at 10,623.
  • The original title for this season was "My Little Universe: Season 9".
  • This season has both a two-parter and a three-parter: the first one a Christmas special, and the second being the three-part finale.