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In the early life of a young Gem, Steven Universe, one of his "moms", Amethyst was hurt. So he and his guardians went to Rose's fountain to heal her. Meanwhile, in another world, Princess Twilight Sparkle was trying to solve the problem of Plunder Vines. But with a little extra mischief on the part of Discord, Twilight and her friends were sent hurtling to Steven's world, and no world would ever be the same again. For just by showing up, those ponies changed things in Steven's Universe, and set in motion an adventure even grander than any of them would've suspected. - My Little Universe: Season 1

My Little Universe is a Steven Universe/My Little Pony Crossover franchise, first created back in 2015 by EquestrianKirin on FimFiction. This wiki is about information regarding the My Little Universe franchise.

(NOTE: Information regarding canon characters from Steven Universe and My Little Pony here differ from official show sources. The information on this wiki is strictly about My Little Universe's Franchise canon).

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