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The Off-Colors are a group of Gems that once resided on Homeworld in secrecy, mainly to hide from other Gems as they feared they would be shattered. Upon discovery by the Crystal Gems, they were brought back to Earth and currently reside in the Barn House.


  • Fluorite - Fluorite is the leader of the Off-Colors, and a Perma-Fusion made up of Anatase, Lavender Sapphire, the Peridot Trio, and Red Pearl, making her a Mega-Fusion.
  • Rhodonite - Rhodonite, like Fluorite, is also a perma fusion of Lavi and Button. Both Gems found they like fusion, but their leader Morganite had them "replaced", and they had to hide away.
  • Padparadscha - Padparadscha is a rare example of a Sapphire, but unable to see into the future, and can only predict things that recently occurred. She is often seen riding Fluorite around.
  • Rutile Twins - The Rutile Twins, like Fulgurite, are an example of two Rutile Gems that "came out wrong", and that they only were able to survive because other Gems ran away from them, too scared.
  • Tiger's Eye - presumably the newest member of the group, she is the result of a Tiger's Eye gemstone being planted into the ground with some Lapis Lazuli, and as such inherited their DNA and becoming a Hybrid Gem. She is the bravest of the group.