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Onion's Gang are a group of four children who visit Beach City and Onion during the summer when they are not in school.


  • Garbonzo & Pinto - Garbanzo and Pinto are both close friends to Onion. As of now, Garbonzo is the only one who talks, though only exclaiming his name. Pinto is the younger sibling of Garbanzo, being carried around on his back, traveling within his backpack. both seemingly have a talent for electronics and tools, as Garbonzo figured out how to work the sun Incinerator, whereas Pinto is seen working a handheld torch on the Soapbox Derby Car.
  • Squash - he is another friend in the gang. Much like Onion, he is shown to be a fairly good thief, as he stole a Sapphire from Miroslaw's Jewelers, and a Diamond Communicator from Blue Diamond's palace, both of which he hides under his cap.
  • Soup - Soup is the female member of the group. She's more explorative and active out of the group, and is skilled in her slingshot in terms of accuracy, able to shoot down Robonoids from the air.