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Pegasus, also known as Pegasi in a group, is one of the three main races of Ponies that live in Equus, in particular Equestria. Those amongst this race include but aren't limited to: Rainbow Dash, April Showers, and Daring Do.


Pegasi are as varied in color and appearance as the other two pony races, though they're most identifiable for their bird-like wings, and their ability to fly with ease. The types of wings vary between individual, such as with Rainbow Dash, who's wings are described as resembling a Peregrine Falcon, whereas Fluttershy's wings are more broad and rounded. While the primary type of wing is bird, there are cases when a Pegasus is born with Bat-like wings, being born as a batpony - a subspecies of Pegasus.

While they aren't as connected to magic to the point of physical use as with Unicorns, they do in fact have a representation of it as they are able to walk on, and move clouds. As such, many Pegasi are capable of controlling the weather. Before Equestria's founding, much as Unicorns with their magic over the sun and moon, Pegasi used this as a bribery tactic on the less fortunate Earth Ponies in order to get their food.

Pegasus aren't as widely distributed, as the most well-known place of their inhabitants thus far had mainly been in high-altitude places, Cloudsdale specifically.