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The Pillars of Equestria are a legendary group of Ponies that lived in Equestria brought together by Stygian, and the previous protectors of Equus before the Elements of Harmony were created. For over a thousand years they were trapped in Limbo with the Pony of Shadows, until they were brought back by Twilight Sparkle. It is unclear as to their current status, though they're most likely disbanded since their return to modern day.


  • Starswirl the Bearded - a legendary and powerful Unicorn, representing the Element of Sorcery. Unlike the next generation, Starswirl the Bearded never truly understood the magic of friendship, more focused on magical power and skill above all else. He specifically defeated Leviathan in her takeover of Equus, and the one who banished The Dazzlings to Earth.
  • Mage Meadowbrook - an Earth Pony born within the Hayseed Swamp, and considered a local legend to modern ponies, she represents the Element of Healing. In her efforts she had found a cure for the infamous and potentially lethal Swamp Fever.
  • Flash Magnus - represents the Element of Bravery. a noble Pegasus apart of the royal guard for his time. A legend often tells of how he out-smarted Torch and his mate in order to save his comrades, using Netitus to do so. In modern day, he is made commander of the Canterlot royal guard.
  • Somnambula - a Pegasus born within the town of the same name, she represents the Element of Hope. Her most notable legend involved how she stood up against the Sphinx, saving her people from the creature and rescuing the prince.
  • Mistmane - a elderly-looking Unicorn born within Neippon, and holding beauty to out-match even the most beautiful of Kirin, she represents the Element of Beauty. Her legend depicts how she sacrificed her own beauty in order to give beauty to everyone within her village against Sable Spirit.
  • Rockhoof - the strongest of the members of the group, and an Earth Pony representing the Element of Strength. His legend depicted that he once was a very scrawny pony, but in determination to save his village from an erupting volcano, he magically gained his muscle and managed to save his village by digging a moat out to sea.