Pink Diamond's Garden

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Pink Diamond's Garden is a Gem location within the outskirts of space.


The garden sits on a large floating rock that is falling apart. It's protected by a large glass dome-like a greenhouse. Steven and Spinel enter the garden via Warp Pad. When the two first enter the garden, everything has withered away due to no one taking care of the wildlife. Some of the pillars have crumbled and have fallen apart. During Spinel's flashback, we see how colorful and alive the garden once was.


Pink owned this garden prior to starting her colony on Earth, over six thousand years ago. From what is known, the garden was full of different flora and she spent a great deal of time there, playing with Spinel. One day, Pink told Spinel to play a game where she would stand very still in the garden until Pink came back. However, Pink never returned, starting her colony and the garden became extremely overgrown as Spinel waited for thousands of years. Eventually, White Diamond arrived in the Garden and took Spinel away, leaving nobody there for the following several thousand years.

My Little Universe II

Steven Universe accidentally ended up there when a Phase Spider captured him and tried taking him away. He at first decides to stay there forever, to stay away from everyone on account of being too dangerous, but was convinced to leave thanks to Red Diamond

Later, Steven brought Spinel there to get her memories back where the Gem remembered her lonely existence waiting for Pink. Spinel finally regained her memories and identity there. 

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