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Pink Steven is the name given to Steven Universe's Gem half after being separated from his Human half. He only appears once in the finale of My Little Universe II.


As the name implies, Pink Steven looks exactly like Steven was at the time, only covered in a bright pink hue.


Without his Human half, Pink Steven is very monotone and unresponsive to many emotions, almost robotic. He does show a very slight sorrow towards Steven after scaring Grogar away, and only until after being reunited with him does he show his emotional side.


Pink Steven only appears one time throughout the franchise. In the very end of the final season, after Grogar tears Steven Universe's gemstone out, Pink Steven manages to reform inside of Sumu's core. Instinctively he tries to go over to Steven but Grogar gets in his way. He tells Grogar that he's not Pink Diamond, and neither is the False Pink Diamond, saying that "she's gone". When asked again, Pink Steven said the same thing, the sheer force of his voice scaring Grogar back. After that, he walks over towards Steven, but is attacked by Grogar. Pink Steven isn't even fazed by the attacks, and eventually grabs him and throws him outside of Sumu. He is then reunited with Steven, and he fuses back into him, saving his life.


Supernatural strength and durability

While it is not shown in full, Pink Steven is shown to be extremely powerful and durable, to the point when simply yelling is enough to crack the very ground under him, and not even fazed in the slightest after several rams from Grogar.