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Pinkie Pie is a very bombastic, and energetic Earth Pony who works at Sugarcube Corner in Ponyville. She is also one of the Elements of Harmony, hers being laughter.

Physical Appearance

Pinkie Pie is average size for an Equestrian Pony. Her body is made up almost entirely of the color pink, her main color a light pink whereas her cotton candy mane and tail hold a darker hue of the same color. Her eyes are a innocent light blue, and her Cutie Mark is presented as three party balloons: two yellow and one blue.


Probably the most prominent trait Pinkie Pie holds is just how dynamic and bombastic her attitude actually is. Pinkie is extremely random in most of her actions, and while they would be funny, sometimes though her random actions do, and often do, come across as a bit weird and maybe even scary sometimes, to the point when one questioned if she was Discord's student at one point.

Most of her methods usually try to bring happiness to everyone around her, which is what most of her actions are focused on trying to do. nothing makes Pinkie Pie happier than seeing others around her smiling, regardless on who or what they are. With her need to help others though, sometimes her random actions can make her draw to some extravagant and non-sensual conclusions, and it can be a game itself on what does freak her out and what doesn't.

She does have a sensitive side, though this sort of thing is often shrouded in her random antics. Her most notable moment in this was during Cheese Sandwich's visit to Ponyville.



Pinkie Pie is a very active pony and a very agile one at that, shown throughout numerous appearances to perform acts of maneuverability and agility. This can range from fighting techniques to bursts of fun-filled energy.