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The Prime Kindergarten is an older kindergarten known to exist on Earth, made prior to the Gem War. It is primarily made to create various Quartz Gems, including Rose Quartz.


Like other Kindergartens, the Prime kindergarten is made up of numerous holes, and Gem Injectors scattered amongst the place. As it stands, it is currently inactive, and no amount of Gem production has been made. The main control hub for the Prime Kindergarten is located underground through a surface hatch, made to track all the injectors. The whole kindergarten is made within a canyon, the rock grey and drained of life due to the activity.


As a Kindergarten, the Prime Kindergarten first came into production when Gems from Homeworld discovered Earth, and started colonization. Various forms of quartz gems, including Rose Quartz, were made here, but when the Gem War had passed, all activity within the Kindergarten stopped.

The only one to be made during the five thousand years prior to the series was Amethyst, and that was because she stayed in the ground longer than she should, and came out as a "deep cut".

Season 1

Peridot was sent down for a maintenance check of the planet, and one of these spots became this kindergarten. During her check, she activated one of the injectors in it, and planted Star Quartz into the ground. Lapis Lazuli and Steven Universe also visited the Kindergarten as Steven wanted to learn how Gems were created.

Season 2

Due to Cluster Gems activity, Garnet called on a multitude of Crystal Gems to investigate the place. It was during a fight with one of these that Carnelian is first fused within the Prime.

My Little Universe: Mindwarp

The Prime Kindergarten is presented as Amethyst's personal nightmare: the Crystal Gems having to face a monstrous version of herself during their search for Steven.

Season 6

While not revealed until Season 7, Tiger's Eye, Lapis Lazuli, and Bismuth went to the Prime to check on some more activity. Tiger's Eye discovers a Mystical Creature currently living within the Kindergarten before they left with more Cluster Gems.