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Queen Haydon is the queen of the Midnight Palace in the Nether Lands, and mother to both Scorpan and Tirek.


She had a human-like figure, about as tall as a normal Human. While appearing human at first, Haydon had a cow-like tail with a flattened cow-like face, and a set of bat-like wings with a spike on each. Her hair and fur were a dullish brown. She wore a flowing white dress that stretched passed her feet, and is dressed with sapphires along her chest.


In contrast to King Vorak, Haydon is a more understanding and caring figure to the kingdom. She does hold a more playful nature, making a few casual jokes, and not telling Steven and his friends about her position as she wanted to play the civilian.


Not much is known of her history prior to becoming queen of the Gargoyles. During Tirek's youth, she and Vorak sensed an urge of power in him, but didn't want to believe it. She went with Vorak to get their son back once he got captured, but was refused by Celestia and Luna.

My Little Universe: Supernova

She found Steven Universe, Connie Maheswaran, and Starlight Glimmer in a nearby stream after the former got tossed in there by a old centaur for trying to get some apples. Haydon helped them get their apples back, and after being told of the Everstorm situation, she decided to bring them back to the Midnight Palace to join the meeting. It wasn't until after arrival did she reveal herself to be the queen of the gargoyles, as she wanted to play as a simple civilian on first seeing them.