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Rejuvenators are a type of Gem weapon. The only one ever seen and used was the one used by Spinel on her attack of Earth, and briefly by Grogar during the same attack.


In its inactive state the Rejuvenator is a small magenta grip with a pink switch approximately two inches below its hilt. Upon activation a long dark-magenta pole extends from the grip with a gemstone-like object on the tip of the staff. From there two beams of pink energy extend from either side of the faux-gemstone with one of the beams coalescing into a short v-cut blade and the other becoming much longer and scythe-shaped. Sometimes bands of pink energy can be seen crackling around the blades.

Similarly to Destabilizers, any Gem struck with it is instantly poofed. However, upon reformation, they lose all prior memories of their past experiences and are reverted back to their default state of mind. This can be reversed though of similar experiences are presented to the Gem, though it is a difficult task.


The only time it was ever used was in "Friends and Enemies", in which Spinel used this weapon against both the Harmony Gems and The Diamond Authority. Spinel struck Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, Jasper, and Pink Diamond all at once with the weapon, resetting them. Sometime after though, Grogar took it and struck not only Spinel, but Sunstonnie as well in a desperate effort to kill them all.