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The Restaurant Wars is a business rivalry between Beach Citywalk Fries and Fish Stew Pizza. In particular, it was the rivalry between Mr. Fryman and Kofi Pizza, the main goal being to drive eachother out of business.



The Restaurant Wars were in effect prior to the series and according to Peedee Fryman, they made a peace treaty with eachother and promised not to steal eachother's businesses.

Season 5

Cluster Arc

The War was started up once again when Acid and Cyanide (one of which disguised as a human), had Peedee Fryman give her an order of "something new", getting mozzarella sticks and sauce, and seemingly breaking the pact and "reigniting the boiling oil of war". By "Renegade Pearl", the war had become a bit critical, and both sides were copying eachother in order to outdo eachother at their own game.

Serpent Arc

Months went by, and not until "Heat in the Kitchen" did the children of Kofi and Mr. Fryman try to stop it alongside Applejack and Rainbow Dash. The war was almost stopped during a "love act" on Ronaldo and Kiki's part, only to be acted up again thanks to Acid and Cyanide's involvement. The war itself finally came to an end when the workers went on a full out strike, and the food war ended.