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Rubidot is a Fusion of Ruby and Peridot, her name given to her by Pinkie Pie.

Physical Appearance

The fusion is about as tall as Garnet would be, with her skin in a coral color. Her body shares Ruby's thicker, stocky features with Peridot's slimmer ones, giving a fair balance of the two. As for clothes, she has a sleevless, orange tank top over a red orange shirt, both of which look like what Amethyst would wear. She also has brown shorts, which matched Ruby. Her hair is a dark rustic color, and styled in a star shape. She had a set of goggles styled much like Peridot's visors, attached to a headband tied to her head. Her gemstones are an orange color.


As she was a newer fusion, her individual personality is seemingly non-developed, and instead both her sides show up time to time, sometimes showing the personality as Ruby and other times showing traits from Peridot. These sides do sometime mesh together, though it can be hard to tell.


As a fusion, she shares multiple abilities that reflect off of Ruby and Peridot, which include her enhanced vision from her visors and strength from Ruby, though it's unclear what unique abilities Rubidot possesses as of yet.


Season 4

She only appears once during the season, in her debut episode. Rubidot appeared very confused, and insisted that she wanted Ruby to fuse with Sapphire instead, something both sides of her agree on, though Sapphire allowed both sides to stay as such. Throughout the day, she began to explore around a bit, beginning with the Barn House. During her investigating on some of the metal parts, she began to have a conversation with herself, complimenting about the enhanced vision, when Emerald. He began to tease her, and the Ruby side of Rubidot showed, intimidating enough to make him go away. As the day went on, she started to enjoy herself more and more, and by the time Sapphire came back, she actually asked to stay as herself for a while longer, to which Sapphire accepts.